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  • Juli’s Coffee and Bistro

    Juli’s Coffee and Bistro

    In October of 2014, we started a new website design for Juli’s Coffee and Bistro....

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  • Bob’s Janitorial

    Bob’s Janitorial

    In October 2014, we made several revisions to the Bob’s Janitorial website....

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  • Wheatland Contracting

    Wheatland Contracting

    In September 2014, we launched the new Wheatland Contracting website....

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  • Stake and Shake

    Stake and Shake

    In September 2014, we fixed teh drive through timer at Steak and Shake in Lawrence....

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  • BJ McGivern

    BJ McGivern

    In September 2014, we made several revisions to BJ McGivern’s website....

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  • Kex Rx Pharmacy

    Kex Rx Pharmacy

    In September of 2014, we made several print ads for Kex Rx Pharmacy....

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