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Your work at the Memorial Wall for the Unborn is superb. We hope that you realize the importance of this Memorial to us as parents who lost our babies before we could even hold them in our arms. The Memorial Wall with the names of those who were lost so early in life gives dignity and absolute validity to the fact that these lives did exist and were important. For us, the Memorial gives us a place to go and remember how much these babies were wanted and loved. They were and are a part of our lives. They changed our lives.

We think, too, that the Memorial Wall is a testimony to the world that the unborn are human beings and are of extreme value.

It is humbling to see the beautiful engraving of the names, and anyone who visits the Wall may feel the grief of the loss of so many precious little ones, but also can leave with the reassurance that they rest in the arms of God. There is nothing more comforting than that realization.

Thank you for your work.

Bill & Linnea Rein,