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My name is Barbara Saldivar, my husband and I founded Christians for Life, who facilitates the Heart of America Memorial Wall for the unborn.

It was a C-5 luncheon, yes, and we started talking in I said I had worked for the Department of Heand and Environment, and my daughter currently works for them. Jeff asked “What is your daughter’s name”, and I said Kathleen Waters and he said I know her I helped her with with a website for air quality and also for a video chatting ability and that was before Zoom, just think about that because it was 2004 so that was pretty, pretty interesting.

And then we started talking about the need that Christians for Life might have for the wall we were building, we hired him to build a website for the memorial and he did a very fantastic job and he donated the money back to us.

After that a few years later well actually in 2019 we started a project with the Kansas Department of R evenue. We were collecting funds for, the Choose Life License Plates, which was just been approved as legislature the year that here and Jeff … took us three years to collect the monies and Jeff was there all the time to help our treasurer who had bookkeeping experience,  but we’re just a bunch of older people who really didn’t understand how websites and things like this worked. Jeff was a real big blessing during that time.

We’re just starting a QR code and he’s helping us with that, that was a new thing for us. What is the QR code, he did an excellent job and is still doing excellent job.

Jeff is very very easy to work with, and like I mentioned before I treasurer found him such a blessing and trying to get through all of that and then we have a new person who knows very little about websites and he she mentioned Jeff came over and helped me help her, and she mentioned how patient and kind he was and what a generous person he was and thorough.

He didn’t just way “Oh you can do it”, he he actually explained how it works which is is a big, big benefit to somebody who doesn’t know anything about websites.

Oh yes, we so appreciate Jeff and The C-Team Studios and we really do. I have recommended them to several people throughout the years, new businesses that I’ve met at C-5. They said we need a website. Yeah, I know a good one. Yeah yeah we really really really appreciate Jeff.