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Topeka Website Design

Hey Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City! Now is the time to fire your high-priced webmaster, let us design your new website.

Our responsive website designs put YOU (the client) in the drivers’ seat to be a site administrator.

Topeka Graphic Design

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Print Layouts, custom Photoshop work are just a few things we do.

As a business owner, you may be too busy to design the print pieces you really need. Let us help!

Topeka Videography

Let us put some spice in your next live event. Live video camera switching services are available for any type of event.

Our experience and knowledge enable us to offer a wide range of multimedia services for small businesses to large events.

I.T. and Computer Services

Yes, we’ve been doing this “Computer Thing” for a long time. As such, we can also do I.T. service calls at your home or business. Need a new email set up, or can’t print? Give us a call.

About The C-Team Studios:

Locally owned and operated, The C-Team Studios is a full-service website design and website hosting company out of Topeka, Kansas.

Founded in 2001, we specialize in uniquely designed content-management driven websites for small businesses and associations that actually work!

We put you in the driver's seat and empower you to become your own webmaster. Read more >

Give us a call today: (785) 230-9362 

Here are a few of our latest blog posts!

Divi template showing numbers instead of arrows

When moving sites, from time-to-time, the divi theme loses some settings, and the arrors in the primary menu, and arrors in images sliders, etc show numbers instead. To solve this we must add some code to the header to pre-load the fonts before the page is loaded. To...

New Photoshop Document Blinks Black and White

We have been users of Adobe Creative Suite for a number of years, actually I think my first Photoshop was 6.0 (yes, before Creative Suite). So, those of you know use the Adobe products, know that the have an Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app that manages all the...

Video Production Workflow

From time-to-time, we get asked to create a custom video production. Video productions could be a documentary, training video, TV commercial or any type of web animation video. Today, we'll talk about how we do our video productions from beginning to end. So, the...

(Jeff) was able to maintain and manage and even develop our websites so that they were easier to to access and user-friendly. Click here to listen to Greg’s whole testimony.

Greg Noll

Executive Vice President, Propane Marketers Association of Kansas 2008-2023