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I’m Greg Noll former executive vice president of the Propane Marketers Association of Kansas.

I started with the association in 2004 and became the executive vice president in 2008 and I inherited a problem with our websites and with our technology needs and begin looking for someone that could help take care of those needs and was recommended that I contact Jeff Coen at The C-Team Studios.

I did that, Jeff was more than willing to help with our issues and needs, set up our websites differently than they were set up. Help manage those.

Took over our technology issues that we had, gave us excellent service with email, electronic services, IT support. He was able to maintain and manage and even develop our websites so that they were easier to to access and user-friendly.

A simple phone call or text message or an email and Jeff would respond within just a few minutes and was able to take care of any issues that we had um very quickly.

We also used Jeff for our advisor and producer of a safety program that we put out, we actually put online during the beginning the Covid stages where we were not allowed to have meetings. We did safety presentations through the video offerings that Jeff made us and, took care of our training requirements, needed by the marketers members of our association, and they could simply sit down as a group or individually at home or at work and watch the safety training that was videoed, and we had great response with that.

We actually have the website now with several videos, in addition to the one that Jeff made and produced for us and it’s still on there. People still refer to it and use it and it’s very highly thought of as far as training for the people in the industry.

Jeff also helped us develop the website for our convention: the Mid-States Propane Expo. That website has been up and running for many years, over 10 years and every year we just change the year give Jeff contact he updates that for the current year and it’s worked very well ever since we started that.

Advertising is also made available on our websites to our members of our association. A lotta people comment on seeing those ads in it said it’s a non-dues revenue generating income but it also helps people in the industry, promote what they do and what they sell in their businesses. So we’ve been very happy and very satisfied with the things that Jeff has offered us.

At our Midstates Propane expo we invited Jeff to attend those expos the conventions, as our tech-support guy in even though the hotel that we had that meeting space in offered support with personnel that specialized in technology. I felt more comfortable inviting Jeff to go to those shows with us. Jeff set up each room for meetings with the video capability with microphone sound systems and was able to get those going for a presenters for each seminar and when that presenter started Jeff was there to make sure everything was working well. The microphone, the PowerPoint presentation. The entire set up, was ready to go and then Jeff would leave. Go to the next presentation and get that set up so that once one seminar was completed the other one was ready to start in 10 minutes and Jeff was always there to get started on time

The biggest issue that we had was always the sound in the large room with many people and Jeff was able to work with the hotel people and the sound system that they had, or we took our own sound systems and incorporated that into the system that we had and it worked extremely well.nWe never had a presenter that was upset. We always had compliments and Jeff did a good job with that entire process. And because of our relationship with Jeff I highly recommend that you check out his availability for tech-support, for websites, for email communications for any electronic needs or video needs that you have contact Jeff Coen at The C-Team Studios.

We’ve been extremely satisfied with everything we’ve gotten from Jeff and we continue to work in a relationship that’s good for all involved, and we look forward to our future working together with all of our technology needs