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We got a call to make a 30 and 15 second commercial for a locally owned business.

We have video production capabilities that are portable. Let us come to your business to record and produce a TV commercial in the Topeka and Kansas City market.

The audio for this TV commercial was recorded by a professional voice talent and was sent to us as a WAV file. This customer is actually a marketing agency who uses us for some of their production work, so this is their customer. This time, we’re here to record “B” roll for the voiceover.

Its actually cloudy today and we can’t get the shot of the front of the business, and the script calls for that as the ending tag. Maybe the weather will break and the sun would come out to make a great shot for their TV commercial. It didn’t ever happen, we may have to use some older footage on a sunny day and blue sky. Maybe tomorrow.

UPDATE: Yes, the next day was sunny and was able to get the outdoor shot we needed.

The shoot sheet called for multiple shots of product. We recorded for around an hour, making a bunch of 10-15 second clips.

My shoot assistant became a hand model for a couple shots.

She’s actually taking the web and video production pathway at TCALC in Topeka. (Hopefully she’ll join me in editing this TV commercial, but not likely.)

People ask “What software do you use in your video productions?”, well, that depends on what needs to be done. If you need a green screen shoot, I’ll use Adobe Premiere becuase it handles the green screen better than Magix Vegas (formerly Sony Vegas). When I was making MMA videos, it made sense to use Sony Vegas becasue you can make quick edits and fades, Vegas supports all the major video formats, and exports to H.264 (mp4) in high definition quality 1920×1080.

For this project we’ll be using Magix Vegas Movie Studio 15.

This is the commercial “Proof”. We’ll see if they need any revisions.