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Graphic Design

Professional logos and print layouts are important for small business.

While graphic design is fundamentally the same whether in print or online, there are also key differences in resolutions, color space, and other variables that are specific to the medium you want to focus on.

Logo and Website Design, print and digital signage, art direction and customized typography

As a business owner, you may have many concerns to address during your day-to-day workplace activities, so you might be tempted to ignore the need for expertly crafted graphic designs. However, utilizing professional graphic designs can be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business.

Brand Recognition is Important!

Your company’s total brand image starts with a great logo and expands to every aspect of your business. The design needs to target your audience in a way that is functional, attractive, and professional. Your brand should provide an instant connection to the outstanding products and services that you offer, and you need an excellent graphic design to forge that kind of connection.

Company Unity

Your employees will be surrounded by stationary, company web pages, uniforms, publications, and more. If you want a happy and healthy workplace, your employees will need to band together behind the designs that you select to represent your company brand. Building your company identity starts on the inside, so your employees must be committed to the brand. A good graphic design can strengthen that sense of commitment.


Even if your company is just starting out, you want to make a great first impression on clients, vendors, and other entities – a professional logo for example only has a fraction of a second to make a first impression. A design that looks cheap will cast an unfavorable light on your business, and it can be difficult to break the impression that your company cannot afford a professional design.


The usefulness of graphic design extends beyond your logo and your website. Graphic design can produce visual aids that will help you communicate your ideas. An informative image can transmit ideas that cannot be expressed with words alone. You can use professionally designed images to create a positive impression and avoid misunderstandings.

Efficiency and Productivity

Badly designed graphics can negatively impact worker productivity and general workplace efficiency. Your website is the area of your business where signs of a bad design are most likely to be observed. A practical design should include useful features, such as easy navigation, legible fonts, and appropriate colors. A website with blinding colors, tricky fonts, or hidden navigation will be a headache for clients and employees.


Badly designed graphics can be very expensive. Expensive to fix. If you go for a cheap design, you might get a lackluster product that is not ready for print. If the design is not ready for print, you might end up spending more money on a new design and new print media.

Additionally, a competent graphic designer will create a design that is not too expensive to produce.

Ignoring your organization’s graphic design needs can negatively impact clients, vendors, and company image. Utilizing an appropriate design can improve every aspect of your business. Consider the reasons listed above before underestimating the importance of graphic design to your business.

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