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The year was 2015, we were approached by a local smaller realtor/broker here in Topeka, and they said that their website guy is going to retire, we need a website that updates automatically. He created a custom application in Microsoft Access and I certainly didn’t want to figure out how his custom application worked, MS Access for a web deiven application is really not a secure platform.

I had to find another solution.

I spent some time trying to figure out how it all worked. The MLS is a complicated system, where all real estate companies list their properties through their local Realtor Association. The data displayed either needed to be live or periodically updated throughout the day to reflect all the daily (or hourly) changes.

I did find a system that was affordable for me to buy, and then resell.

Over a couple years, I picked up a few more real estate clients and it actually became profitable.

Right now, we have a few clients, here are 3 samples.